How do I Apply for Scholarships from the Chilliwack Foundation?. SCHOLARSHIP OVERVIEW →

    1. Deadline for Applications and How to Obtain Application Forms – As noted on the overview page, the deadline for the submission of scholarship applications to the Chilliwack Foundation is set each year by the School District 33 Scholarship Committee and is usually within the first two weeks of March each year. For more information and to obtain applications for the Chilliwack Foundation scholarships, please contact the counsellors at the Senior Secondary Schools in Chilliwack. The Scholarship Committee of the Chilliwack Foundation provides scholarship applications to all Senior Secondary Schools in Chilliwack.


  1. Requirements for All Applicants for Chilliwack Foundation Scholarships
    • All applicants must be a permanent resident of the Chilliwack area.
    • All applicants must be a Grade 12 graduating student of the current year, intending to go on to post-secondary education.
    • All applicants must submit a Chilliwack Foundation application, correctly completed, and by the deadline date.
    • All applicants must provide proof of registration in an accredited post-secondary institution to receive scholarship funds.
    • Recipients may elect to claim funds no later than the second September following their high school graduation.

Applicants may apply for all applicable scholarships, however, an applicant can only receive one scholarship.


2022 Scholarship Application Requirements & Application Form.